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3 reasons Cleaning Concept is the best choice for medical facilities in Morris County, NJ

Ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of a medical space has never been more crucial. With a professional and flexible cleaning service provider by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing an extra layer of safety has been added. Here’s why our clients think Cleaning Concept is the best choice for medical facilities in Morris County, NJ:

Cleaning Concept uses CDC guidelines to clean

At Cleaning Concept, we are prepared to help make sure you are 100% in compliance by using CDC guidelines for all our cleaning services. Because we clean a lot of healthcare facilities and agencies in other industries, it is important that our priority is to make your space safe, according to public health guidelines.

Our trained professionals go above and beyond with our cleaning services which gives your staff peace of mind during times of uncertainty. We only use EPA-registered hospital grade-level disinfectant to clean every space we serve. Our hospital-grade disinfectant spray treatments, HVAC disinfectant treatments, and automobile disinfectant spray treatments cover all areas.

Our staff is trained on how to use protective equipment and each cleaning agent safely, according to guidelines consistent with the CDC and OSHA. We adhere to these guidelines by monitoring and controlling occupational exposure of chemicals among our workers and medical facility staff. As one of our clients, you can enjoy a clean space, free of visible organic and inorganic residues throughout each surface of a room.

Our services effectively fight infectious disease

All our services include covid-disinfection to ensure infectious diseases are effectively controlled. As we deal with this fast-spreading virus that has caused drastic changes to our lives, it is our goal to adapt the way we approach cleaning to prevent its spread as much as possible.

Each day, health care facilities deal with infectious diseases while treating patients. To prevent the spread of disease and the possibility of death due to spreading, we design our services to effectively fight infectious diseases.

Our medical cleaning services are designed to safely sanitize a hospital or any other medical facility with the help of our trained staff. At Cleaning Concept, our staff goes through comprehensive training to provide hospital-cleaning services for all types of healthcare facilities located through Morris County, NJ.

Examination Rooms

Our hospital-cleaning services fight off the spread of disease by thoroughly cleaning examination rooms. Patients often have open wounds in areas with a high level of pathogens, leading to medical complications and dangerous infections. Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to remove these pathogens and sanitize each surface of the room.

Medical Office Cleaning

We ensure medical offices also maintain a clean environment so physicians and patients who spend time in examination rooms are safe from infectious disease. Medical devices, light switches, chairs, desks, and other surfaces are constantly touched. Though doctors wash their hands repeatedly throughout the day, it’s nearly impossible to prevent infection by just handwashing alone. An extra layer of precaution with sanitation provided our company helps reduce the chances of disease spread.

Our package options give you choices

For your convenience, Cleaning Concept offers package options so you can choose what’s best for your medical facility. All health care cleaning services provided by Cleaning Concept include comprehensive cleaning at either the basic or deep-cleaning level. As a leader among hospital cleaning companies based in Mount Olive Township and all of Morris County, NJ, it’s our passion to help our clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

Basic package

Our basic medical cleaning package includes trash removal, garbage bag replacement, floor-cleaning, and office dusting. For offices with restrooms, our janitorial team will clean toilets, urinals, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. This package is ideal for medical offices that see patients for general care.

Deep cleaning package

For medical facilities that receive a lot of traffic with a high chance of the presence of viruses, we offer a deep-cleaning package that provides an extra layer of thorough service. Our deep cleaning service includes all of the services performed in the basic package, plus a dusting of every surface in offices and examination rooms and full vacuuming of floors and other upholstered surfaces.

If you’re in search of a highly-qualified medical facility cleaning service in Morris County, NJ, Cleaning Concept is the best option. Our commitment to the health and safety of medical providers, patients, and staff who visit your facilities stand above all else. Get in touch with us for any questions or to schedule a cleaning service.